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"No one likes politicians who divide us and turn neighbors against each other. That's not how I was raised growing up in Nashville. It's not the Nashville Way." -Michelle Foreman

"No one likes politicians who divide us and turn neighbors against each other. That's not how I was raised growing up in Nashville. It's not the Nashville Way."
-Michelle Foreman





OUR CHILDREN should never be left in failing schools. Every Tennessee student should have access to a high-quality education in order to reach their full potential, become self-sufficient, and give back to their community.

As a mother who made the decision to homeschool my daughter for the past two years, I know first-hand the value of providing a quality education for our children.
Let’s support the role of parents to prioritize the needs of their children and become more active in their education. Allowing parents to be at the heart of their child’s education as well as empower teachers to be able to focus on strong and meaningful academic achievement in the classroom.

Let’s get back to the basics for success. At no other time in modern history have our children faced more obstacles to learning core subjects like English, literacy and math. Further, we have witnessed the diminished value of Americanism, leadership, and college and/or career readiness.

Let’s focus our efforts on supporting our teachers and giving them greater flexibility and resources to help ensure our children are able to perform and excel at their grade level, and to teach the subjects that will give our children the tools they need to be competitive in the increasingly competitive career markets of the future.


OUR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES should be strong, and free from government intrusion

At Gettysburg, President Abraham Lincoln enshrined the rule of the people in the fervent pledge that, “under God,” this democracy “shall not perish from the earth.” He noted that our democracy is a “direct self-government, over all the people, by all the people, for all the people.” 

It is imperative that we elect representatives who have a firm understanding of how our country was founded and who commit to uphold the sovereign right of individuals to make the best choices for their own life without the interference of government overreach.

Tennesseans from all walks of life reject government overreach at all levels but leftists are not interested in individual freedom. The federal government has exceeded its constitutional boundaries and unelected bureaucrats are bribing, cajoling, and dictating to Tennessee what we should be doing on our own. Activist judges misread the plain text of the Constitution in order to impose their unbalanced liberal agenda on the nation. 

We need strong representatives with a proven track record who will keep unreasonable policies, intrusive mandates and restrictive regulations out of Tennessee. Michelle Foreman is the only candidate with a proven track record running in the State House District 59 race.

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OUR PAYCHECKS should not be wasted on poorly-run government programs. We should keep more of our hard-earned dollars in our own pockets.

Hardworking Americans are the backbone of our country, and conservative principals make Tennessee the premier place people want to start, grow and relocate their business. 

Let’s continue to preserve Tennessee’s advantages by:

  • Remaining a low tax and sensible regulation state
  • Encouraging business development in circumstances where the larger economy (that’s all of us) benefits
  • Prioritizing our citizens by scrutinizing the number of resident employees, scale of wages, new technologies being brought to our area, and the present economic condition of the area
  • Utilizing a well thought-out and planned infrastructure which will further encourage economic development
  • Having our state and local officials cooperate and find consensus on how to best manage our infrastructure needs. Our roads, railways, bridges, water and waste management systems must be ready to handle our growth.  Effective communication is essential.

We must also be able to redirect growth so that overdevelopment does not detrimentally affect our communities and neighborhoods and further congest transportation in our city. We need to be cognizant of the fact that while some areas may be more desirable for a potential employer, there must be a balance. Remember that “a rising tide lifts all ships”, and all Tennessee “ships” deserve to be lifted!


Tennessee is a leader in quality healthcare, but we need to address the lack of affordable insurance, cost transparency, greater freedom for patients, and real solutions to protect our most vulnerable. 

Tennesseans should have:

  • Access to quality insurance at an affordable price.
  • Access to the latest life-saving drugs at a reasonable price.
  • The freedom to see the doctor of our choice, conveniently and affordably.
  • Transparency in the cost of care, up front, before we pay for it.
  • The unimpeded choice to try experimental treatments.
  • Access to prevention, wellness, and early intervention.
  • Safety nets that protect the vulnerable.
  • Accountability and effective penalties for fraud and waste.

Addiction and substance abuse are both medical and psychological problems. We need to promote access to, and make full use of, our drug courts when and where appropriate.

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OUR GOVERNMENT should be smaller, smarter, and more efficient

Under Republican leadership, Tennessee has a proud tradition of being a fiscally conservative state.  The Republican administration is working hard to ensure state government continues to be well managed with the lowest possible tax burden by simultaneously building reserves, cutting taxes, and eliminating waste and inefficiencies from state government. 

Working responsibly and in a spirit of transparency, Tennessee continues to provide sound stewardship of our assets through good business practices and being a trusted and collaborative partner. 

Michelle will continue this strong Republican tradition of economic growth with a disciplined approach to budgeting and careful spending.  In Michelle’s view, a smaller government is the better government. 


We need to empower local police to develop strong community relationships and harness high-visibility, low arrest tactics to create an environment that deters serious crime from taking root.

The relationship between disorder and serious crime is a major social problem supported by both experience and solid research. As leftist democrats own positions like “Defund the police”, a government’s inability to control even a minor crime like graffiti signals to citizens that it certainly can’t handle more serious ones. 

Let’s be creative in our response to crime in our neighborhoods. Real progress begins when a wide range of agencies and institutions work together to restore public order. Environmental design, maintenance, private security, and even hiring the homeless to clean the streets are approaches that have proven successful in reducing disorder and reclaiming our public spaces. Let’s also support the judiciary branch in swiftly handling those who commit minor offenses.

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House District 59

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Meet Michelle

Michelle grew up in our community and appreciates her deep roots that date back for generations. She understands what makes our district unique as well as a desirable place to live and raise a family. Michelle and her husband, Tony, live in the Harpeth/Highway 100 area and are proud parents of two adult children, and 10-year-old Ella.